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Founder Jeff Wyman and Co-Founder Joyce Wyman's nearly 50 combined years experience in kitchen, bath and home remodeling has brought them a National Kitchen & Bath Association Design Award, and two Prism Awards in addition to being featured in Kitchen & Bath Business as well as Kitchen & Bath Design News. Together, they have earned the repuatation as the premier Lighthouse Point remodeling contractor. Contact Wyman Builders today and find out why Florida home owners are turning to them for unmatched service and quality when it comes to home remodeling and home design.

Wyman Builders : Lighthouse Point Kitchen Remodeling

Our Founder Jeff Wyman has been a General Contractor most of his life. From his early years as a carpenter and cabinetmaker to becoming a Lighthouse Point General Contractor and running a remodeling firm today, his commitment to quality has never wavered. From protecting the client's home during Lighthouse Point kitchen remodeling & home renovations to completing the project on time, Jeff oversees every aspect, all with the goal of customer satisfaction. If you want superior kitchen remodeling in Lighthouse Point, Wyman Builders has you covered!

Lighthouse Point Bathroom Remodeling

Wyman Builders is a family owned & operated firm that is built on the concept of satisfying the customer, first, last and always. Our extensive experience in Lighthouse Point bathroom remodeling and construction and Florida's State Builder Certification assures your satisfaction. All of our work is warranted. Our list of satisfied Lighthouse Point customers is our best form of advertising as the majority of our work comes from referrals.

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Lighthouse Point General Contractor

A general contractor is the person responsible not only for managing the people but also in looking and providing for the materials needed, in looking for the most competent workers for the job and finding the most reliable equipment so that the project would be successful. Of course he is also charged with doing all these things in consideration of the budget that is allotted for such project. He is also trained to analyze the situation so that the whole plan is in consideration of all the factors that need to be considered to successfully run a project. That is, the location, the economic situation, the apparent predicaments surrounding the project, the budget (as mentioned) and the like.

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