What is Aging in Place?

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Aging in Place is simply a form of handicap accessibility remodeling that allows residents to remain in their homes during the later stages of their lives. Aging In Place renovations are small changes to the design details of your home that allow you to maintain your independence so that you won’t need to move to a smaller home, an assisted living facility, or a retirement community.

At Wyman Builders , our Boca Raton remodeling contractors specialize in handicap accessible remodeling, and we can provide you with a number of services that can make aging in place a comfortable and easy way to live.

Gradually, you will need to make changes to your home in order to make living there as you age a feasible option. Over the years, your mobility will most likely decline, and you’ll need to alter your Boca Raton home in order to live there safely and independently.

Aging In Place renovations are perfect for many people because they will allow people to continue living an independent lifestyle and remain active. With the technology that we now have available, Aging In Place renovations have greatly improved and there are many inventive ideas that allow seniors to remain in their homes independently, safely, and comfortably.

What is Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is a term that is now popularly used to refer to adaptive, assistive, or rehabilitative products or devices designed towards providing greater independence to people with disabilities or limited abilities typically caused by the aging process.

Assistive technology products can help people with a variety of tasks, improve their quality of life, and allow many to remain in their homes independently as they age.

Hire a Professional to Keep Your Home Safe

Aging In Place renovations will likely require some structural changed to your Boca Raton home in order to keep your home safe. Make sure that you hire a professional handicap accessibility remodeling contractor who will be able to ensure that the modifications are up to state and federal codes.

Common Aging In Place Modifications

Most Aging In Place modifications are fairly standard handicap accessible remodeling changes, although others are specifically aimed toward senior citizens.

  • Extra Shower and Tub Support

The change of injury increases significantly in bathrooms, but with added support measures, that won’t be a worry.

  • Reinforced Stair Railings

Any inadequate stair railings can be very unsafe for anyone with mobility issues. Our Boca Raton remodeling contractors can ensure that your stair railings are safe and supported.

  • Increased Lighting

We’ll make sure that the lighting in your home helps to aid your eyesight and make your home safer.

  • Non-Skid Flooring

Non-skid flooring will help prevent slips and falls from occurring.

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