Letting The Light In With Kitchen Remodeling

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Do you have a dark and gloomy kitchen that’s hard to see in? Are you tired of having to turn on all the lights just to see if your roast is really done? There are many ways you can let the natural light in when remodeling your home. Kitchens need to be light and airy, a pleasant place to work in. They also need to be safe and functional, which is hard to achieve in a dark room.

Allowing natural light to enter any room will make it lighter and brighter. It will also make the room look and feel larger. Bringing natural light into your kitchen can be challenging, however. The placement and shape of many kitchens limit the number of options you have. But there are some you can consider. Let our Boca Raton Kitchen Remodeling Experts at Wyman Builders give you some tips:

Incorporate More Windows Into Your Remodeling Design

The first and most common way to bring natural light into a kitchen is with windows. Enlarging windows is the most obvious choice. Installing more windows is another option. If you have a long kitchen with a breakfast room or eating area, you can have your Boca Raton remodeling contractor install bay windows to make the area a little more spacious too.

Tall windows are a wonderful way to introduce a large amount of natural light into the kitchen. Depending on the direction the windows face, you might also bring in some heat from the sun so make sure they are energy efficient windows that resist the heat from UV rays.

Another option is to install a long horizontal window near the top of the wall. This can increase the privacy in the area while still allowing for a good amount of daylight.

Adding A Kitchen Door Or Sliding Door

If you have space for it, you may like to have a door to the backyard in your kitchen. It can be very convenient to have a sliding glass door leading onto the porch directly from the breakfast room. Guests can filter in and out when you entertain. You may want to have your remodeling contractor build a nice deck or patio for you for more outdoor living space. Either way, a door with glass panes or a sliding glass door will bring in more natural light.

Incorporate Skylights Into Your New Kitchen Design

Another way to increase the natural light in a kitchen is to look to the ceiling for opportunities. Skylights bring in a good amount of light or a little depending on how large they are. They can be installed on a sloping roof or a flat roof. This option doesn’t have to hike cooling bills if you choose skylights which are made with insulated thermal glass.

Installing Additional Kitchen Lights

If you’re lucky, you have more than one light source in your kitchen. Unfortunately, there’s usually just an overhead light and ventilation hood light to illuminate the entire kitchen space. If you need glasses or have a hard time seeing in the dark, it couldn’t be more important to install more lighting as a priority in kitchen remodeling. Even if you can see well, it’s always safer to work with knives and incredibly hot appliances when you have good kitchen lighting.

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