5 Great Ideas For Handicap Accessible Remodeling In Boca Raton

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Our experts at Wyman Builders offer great advice about Handicap Accessible Remodeling. We serve the Boca Raton and other areas of Florida and have helped many homeowners make changes to their homes to suit their needs.

If you are interested in remodeling for handicap accessible reasons, here are some great ideas for you to think about.

1. Safety Always First With Handicap Remodeling

As you are planning Handicap Remodeling , always plan for safety first. Good lighting in key areas of the kitchen and bathroom are important for safety.

Ramps can assist with safe mobility within and outside the home. Ramp-ways should offer a handrail, and other areas of the home should be fitted with sturdy grab bars where the person will be transferring from a wheelchair, standing, or walking.

The bathroom and kitchen can be slippery. The outdoors can be slippery at times as well. Be sure to check into non-slip coatings for any areas where slip and falls can happen.

2. Room For Wheelchair or Scooter Usage Throughout The Home

If you or a Boca Raton loved one is confined to a wheelchair or use a scooter to get around the house, handicap remodeling can solve many problems with mobility.

Many times, space can be taken from other areas such as a large closet or oversized laundry room. Remodeling that includes a home addition adds the space needed to the home for a handicap person.

Mobility is an important factor when handicapped. Imagine not being able to travel through the home without knocking things over or scraping yourself through a doorway.

Make sure you or your loved one has plenty of space to maneuver when in a wheelchair or scooter. A good remodeling company can come up with a great design to allow mobility.

3. Walk-In Bath Tubs -And Don’t Forget The Shower Seats

Showers come in styles that allow a larger seating area for a handicap individual. Be sure you are choosing one with solid construction that doesn’t give when an adults sits on the seat.

Walk-in bathtubs are great for those who can access the tub without a wheelchair. There are many great styles that offer an invigorating whirlpool or gentle bubble soaks.

Showering and bathing is an important part of handicap hygiene. Why not make it as easy and enjoyable as possible with a handicap tub and/or shower?

4. Adjustable Height Counters, Cabinet Lifts & Shelf Lifts

If you really want to remodel the home for a handicapped person, you’ll want to look into adjustable height counters, cabinets, and shelves. You can also remodel with approach adjustable sink lifts.

These systems help the disabled to gain independence while working in the kitchen.

5. Plenty of Seat High Kitchen Work Space

Whether the Boca Raton remodeling project will involve lowering counters in the kitchen area or not, a handicapped individual needs plenty of work space.

When one is disabled, it’s never easy to do every day chores. For instance, a customer who has had a stroke and can now only use one hand will need more space to lay kitchen tools and ingredients out for easy access.

Cutting one handed can be dangerous if the person is fighting for space. Adding an additional area for a handicapped person to use is important. This space should include areas where ingredients and tools are organized and within reach as well as plenty of counter or tabletop space at a comfortable height for them.

A lower kitchen island may be the ideal solution, and/or an adjustment to the cabinetry and countertops.

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